In workshops, Magdalena is a very skilled facilitator. She is sensitive to her clients needs, and is able to assist them to forge ahead, despite their difficulties, in a new and creative direction – often with surprising results. Her enthusiasm and dedication regarding the role of art in therapy – whether it be inmates in a prison, training facilitators or counselling…

– Ida Gartrell
Owner, facilitator, trainer, storyteller, freelance scriptwriter, actor, director, author, idaGproductions

30. Januar 2013, Ida Gartrell workes together with Magdalena Nothaft at therapy life

Magdalena is an inspiration and really understand the work she is involved with and has developed this concept in a remarkable fashion.

– Kian Barker
Owner, St. Lucia Leisure
24. Januar 2013, Kian Barker, Magdalena Nothaft’s line manager at therapy life

Feedback on colour dialog book:

Hi Magdalena,
Great book, wow ! I am inspired.
Debbie, Trainerin and Managerin des Vanuvatu national beachvolleyball teams

Dear Magdalena
How wonderful that your book is completed! Congratulations
Di, Arttherapist, Capetown, South Africa

Beautiful, Magda! The book looks just stunning, I’m so proud that you completed it!
Steph, Artstudent, Florida, USA

Congratulations on your book, it looks great! I’d be interested to read the English version when it comes out.
Robert Barron, Melbourne Australia

your new book is what people want i.e. they want to know how to do it; what it looks like; what to expect; how to decipher the art; etc … so dear lady, thank you for your thinking of me with your new book … I’m very flattered … you are wonderful .. I’ve just had a look at your new book and I think that you „have got it“ right this time .. you are „selling“ the art work and art work therapy side of things … (not the „good feel“ story of Phoenix … of course, I can not read the German version but I hope that you have included what exact type of crayon that people need to use (or even better still, market the book with a crayon set so that people can get into it immediately) …
I reckon that you are on a winner.
Paul Sheehan, Brisbane, Australia


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