Colour Dialogue Seminar

colourdialog5Colour dialog is non verbal communication from unconsciousness to unconsciousness.

In art therapy you say: „Expression is accomplishment.“ It means, if you can express your feelings and emotions through colour dialog, Symbols and forms, it will be easier to understand them and to overcome the problem.

When to use colour dialog?

1. when verbal communication is not possible anymore, maybe because of: anger, sadness speechlessness, frustration, different opinions, disability to talk,

2. helps to find autonomie and self Organisation: to find your space,place,form and colour, to take your place, to make desicions, to organize,(material), develop new ideas, find solutions, destoy and create, to become activ and get into doing things.

3. helps to develop and build up identity to develop creativity and Intuition, ,to analyse yourself to become the person your are, create relationships between people, Symbols show all personality parts of a person, (paint a tree, it will be äs diffrent then handwriting) symbolism is the bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness,, to find, test and practice solutions in a creative way, you learn through success and failure, shows collectiv unconsciousness, personality development, integration into a group process, developing confidence and selfesteem, supports the process of individualitation to find conclusions

4. helps to heal sickness: strenghten the soul and the „r, activates ressourses, relief of pain through expression, learn to give and take, expression of emotions, selfawareness, communication with others and within yourself, behaviour within a group, sozilation, selfactualisation,to symbolise your feelings,gives structure and holding, integrates fear and repressed material, like feeling of powerlessness, dealing with crises, encourage dreaming, painting process helps for concentration, relaxation, to focus, , makes inner process transperant to the outside, transports unconscious material to consciousness psychosomatic Symptoms can be symbolized.

Who can use colour dialog?

You can paint as a single person, with a partner: client – therapist, parent-child, couples , teacher-student, in a group: family, selfencounter groups, therapeutic groups, school classes

Setting and material

Bigger table, high enough that you can paint Standing up as well as sitting down, very smooth paper size D1N 4 to DIN O at least 40 colours of wax pastels, high quality, colour intensive, broken into small pieces you use the long side, painting the colour in a very intensive way, that no white of the paper shines through.
The Magic of Symbols….

Contains those primitive analogies that speak to the unconscious. The unconscious can be reached and expressed only by Symbols, which is the reason why the process of individuation can never do without the Symbol. The symbol is the primitive expression of unconsicous, but at the same time it is also an idea corresponding to the highest Intuition produced by consciousness. C.G.Jung.






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